Natural Sugar
Jarritos sodas consumed throughout the world are all produced in Mexico and made with cane sugar. Only real sugar guarantees the authentic Jarritos taste that families have loved for generations.

So Many Samples
We want everyone in the world to try Jarritos, which is why we’ve given away 180 million ounces of Jarritos in the last 10 years. That’s enough ounces to fill 2.6 billion thimbles with Jarritos, if you wanted to do that for some reason!

Old School
Our original bottles were not labeled. People just knew what flavor it was by the color. And since we use real fruit flavors, we bet they could identify them just by taste. What are you doing this afternoon? Who wants to drink Jarritos blindfolded?

Green and Orange
Long ago, when green was just a color and not a thing where you have to recycle and eat granola, Jarritos was already working with local farmers to grow mandarins locally instead of importing them. It costs more, but it makes a delicious Mandarin soda.

¡Viva El Tamarindo!
People are always underestimating tamarind, because it is weird and brown. But it is actually awesome. Tamarind provides shade for coffee plants and is part of Jarritos’ efforts toward sustainable farming.

You win some and you lose some, and sometimes you lose three months’ worth of glass bottles in a big, huge earthquake that happened in 2010 in Mexico. Oh, well. At least no one was hurt!

Planes, Trains and Other Things
Jarritos is too super fun to be delivered just by trucks. Boring! On their way to a store near you, some of our bottles are carried on boats across pirate-infested waters, just like in old-timey stories. They are also transported by planes and on bicycles driven by powerful luchadores.

Where in the world?
Jarritos has been to more countries than some billionaire playboys. It is available in all of the locations you see above. Perhaps someday it will be sold on the moon, if there are thirsty moon people to buy it.

Mandarin Groves
As Jarritos has grown over the years, we’ve always sourced as much fruit as possible from different Mexican regions. We even have our own mandarin groves at an undisclosed location in Yucatán.

Big Numbers
1,500 bottles of Jarritos are exported every minute. 45,000 glass bottles of Jarritos can be filled every hour at any of our bottling plants in Mexico. Laid end to end, they would measure 7.1 miles long, which is the same as 18,744 tamales!